How To Make Videos Responsive With Easy Video Suite

So the “responsive” question is one that has been received over and over again on this site. Can videos be made responsive with Easy Video Suite? Or, I know videos can be responsive but I can’t figure out how to do it…

Well this video here should clear that up for you…

Here’s how to make videos responsive with Easy Video Suite:

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Easy Video Suite Adds Awesome Countdown Feature

If you’ve ever wanted to easily add a countdown to a sales page or something like a webinar replay, Easy Video Suite has added a new feature that makes it super simple!

Check out this video to learn more:

Think of all of the ways this can be used! Create a sales page using EVS that automatically shuts the sales video down at a certain date (scarcity sells!). Create a replay page after a webinar that gives viewers only a few days to watch the video before it is gone for good… Create a video with a special message that counts down to an event or special occasion.

So many uses!

What are your thoughts?

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A Sneak Peek At The New Easy Video Suite Page Editor

Here’s a look at one of the most requested sneak peeks from the new Easy Video Suite! In this video we look at the brand new, revamped page editor. Everything is drag and drop simple and you can basically create full websites with the software alone. No HTML knowledge necessary. It took me less than 3 minutes to create an amazing looking page!

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The New Playlist Feature In Easy Video Suite

This is probably the most requested featured I’ve had so far! In this video, you’ll get a peek at the new playlist feature inside of Easy Video Suite. You can now drag and drop videos in to a playlist to link them all together and play them in sugsession. It’s an amazing new feature that any who creates training courses or wants to incorporate advertising before or after their training videos will absolutely love!

Click here to watch the video on YouTube instead.

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An Interview With Josh Bartlett About Easy Video Suite

Having known and being personal friends with Josh Bartlett for years and years now, I have the unique opportunity of being able to beta test and create sneak peek videos of his new software Easy Video Suite. I’ve also got the unique ability to get him on the phone with me right in the middle of his preparations for a massive product launch.

Josh graciously took the time today to jump on a call with me and answer all of my questions as well as all of the questions I’ve received on the blog so far. We discuss pretty much all of the new features, why Easy Video Suite took two years to release, what Josh’s favorite features are, and much much more.

Take a listen to the interview below and don’t forget to sign up to the right to make sure you receive access to all of the upcoming sneak peeks, tips, and bonuses.

Easy Video Suite comes out January 15th, 2012.

Click Here To Read The Transcripts From This Interview

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A look at the desktop app for Easy Video Suite

One of the most powerful new features in Easy Video Suite is in what the new desktop app brings to the table. You can now record your screen or record from your camera straight from EVS. You can also do some editing and no longer have to worry about converting your videos to a web friendly format. Easy Video Suite takes care of that for you.

The desktop app is available for both Mac and PC and everything you do within the app automatically gets uploaded straight in to your EVS account.

It’s is fantastic! Here’s the sneak peek video…

Enjoy! Grab Easy Video Suite Here.

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The Easy Video Suite Timeline Editor

Here’s a look at the new timeline inside Easy Video Suite. This is the feature you would use to add events inside and around your videos. You can even set up a “gateway” which forces people to either share or opt-in to even view your video! That’s pretty powerful!

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Easy Video Suite Preview – The EVS settings page

As the first person (outside of the development team) to have access to Easy Video Suite, I have the privilege to show you the inside of the program before anyone else gets to! Make sure you are signed up to the notification list to ensure that you see all the new sneak peeks and tips that I’m going to release along the way…

Today’s video looks at the settings inside Easy Video Suite. It’s a little sneak peek of the features and the clean design of the new system. Check it out! Once again… The player being used IS the new EVS player!

Easy Video Suite is scheduled to launch January 15, 2013. Make sure you are on the list and check back frequently. I’m putting together the best bonus package you’ll ever see for this program, including live training for the EVS creator himself as well as money making strategies that I’ve picked up myself using EVS for almost a year now!

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Easy Video Suite Preview – Files and Folders

This is the first EVER inside look at Easy Video Suite. As the first person ever (outside the development team) to get their hands on Easy Video Suite, I have the honor of presenting you with the first look at what to expect inside Easy Video Suite.

If you want more previews and tips of Easy Video Suite, make sure you are subscribed, using the form to the right of this page. I’ll be shooting a couple of videos per week until the launch of the product. So make sure you don’t miss anything.

In this video, you’ll get a first look at the EVS dashboard as well as the file management system. One thing that makes this new version so much better is the ease of management of all your videos and folders. It helps keep everything so much more organized.

Check out this video… By the way, the player you are seeing is also Easy Video Suite!


More videos about Easy Video Suite in the works!

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Easy Video Suite Rumors

So I’ve got a bit of an “in” with creator of Easy Video Suite and I asked him to confirm a couple of rumors for me about the new software coming out.

Here’s a list of rumors that have been going around:

  • EVS will have a desktop app for Mac and PC: Confirmed
  • EVS will have an iPhone and Android app to record videos straight in to EVS: Confirmed
  • You can record your screen or from your camera with EVS: Confirmed
  • EVS automatically converts videos to the best format for web: Confirmed
  • Animate the entrance of a video on your site: Confirmed
  • Create chapters that viewers can skip to in your video: Confirmed
  • Create playlists that string together multiple videos: Confirmed
  • Animate and stylize video overlays to grab viewer attention: Confirmed
  • All new page layouts for video pages: Confirmed
  • Embed social sharing buttons inside videos: Confirmed
  • Add delayed calls to action on the video pages: Confirmed

Those are the rumors I can confirm at the moment. I am a beta tester of Easy Video Suite so if you have heard any rumors or want to know what features might be included, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll figure it out for you.

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